Born in South America, Brazil, I came to the United States in 2007, where I had the opportunity to express my passion for Arabic dance, and to discipline myself in this art form, of which I have had more than 20 years of professional experience, as choreographer and instructor of belly dancing (also Zumba, Samba, and forro).

The great opportunity of moving to United States enabled me to study the Arabic culture for over ten years. This opportunity introduced me to one of the best instructors of belly dancing, Nourhan Sharif, who owns the Egypt Academy of Oriental Dance in the USA. For over ten years I have taken advanced belly-dancing classes with the living legend Madam Raqia Hassan, from Egypt. Additionally, I have participated in a belly-dancing workshops with well-known Brazilian superstar Soraia Zaid, who lives in Egypt; And in 2014 I was invited as special guest  by my teacher Nouhan Sharif, to do a samba performance to surprise the Queen of the drum solo Soraia Zaied. I also participated in workshops from another well knowing worldwide  superstar Mohamed Shahim, also from Egypt, who has an annual event, in New York “New York Cairo,” of which he is the creator and director. For his New York Cairo event of 2014, I was invited to model by the well-known costume designer, Eman Zaki. Other teachers and mentors of dance include Faten Salama, Tito Seif, Mercedes Nieto, Jehan Kamal, Eman Zaki, Ahmed Hussien, Alla Kushmir, and Sadie Marquardt. As a photographic model, I posed for Lucy Lencinas in a special edition of Glamor al Dia magazine. I am also a world-wide representative of the Brazilian woman and have appeared in some Brazilian, and US TVs, and radio shows, as well as on the radio broadcast La Nueva Fiesta FM in 2011, when I fulfilled a long-cherished dream and opened a dance studio on Long Island with my friend and partner Rosibel Granada. I performed for the first time in US stages in 2007, for Nourhan Shafif hafla’s Egypt Academy of Oriental Dance. I was invited as special guest to appear in the Brazil theater performance "The Sixth Night of the Goddesses.” Later in 2010, I appeared on another TV program, also in Brazil, where I spoke about my life in the US. I remain active perusing my dream of studying psychology to help people; however, as that dream is still in the making, I continue to help people through dance, to build their self-steam and confidence, and give them a memorable time,through dance class or a performance. I have performed in the US, as well in Brazil, for charity events, for cancer centers  such as; “Donate the Art to Support Those Who Need." While perusing my goals, I have maintained traditional values, such as respect for elders, the value of friendship over money, and a deep faith in God.